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Sunday, April 13, 2014

DIY Matte Finish Paint or Chalk Paint

The name might be deceptive if you have not heard of chalk paint before. It is not to be confused with chalkboard paint. It is basically altering paint to have a matte finish or chalky finish. It is very popular right now, and I especially love the look. My mom passed down this dresser that she had as a little girl, and I painted it pink for my precious little girl. My husband called it Pepto pink. I am in love with her new vintage pink dresser!!

Project Supplies:

Paint Flat
Plaster of Paris
Spoon or mixer
Paint Brush
Sandpaper (medium)
Furniture wax

Chalk Paint Recipe:
2 cups paint
4 Tb Plaster of Paris
2 Tb Water

Here was part of my dresser before I began the project.


I bought really bright pink paint thinking that the plaster of paris might dull down the color. Wrong! However, I still loved it that bright.

The paint appears very streaky when you apply it at first. It took about three good coats of paint. Make sure you let it dry several hours in between...even though it is sooo tempting to paint it sooner.

Don't panic yet! The coats will look more even as you go.

When all layers of paint are well dried, rub on a coat of wax.

I scuffed up the pink dresser a bit with a sander for a vintage look.

I was very pleased with how it turned out.
I also painted an old highchair with the chalk paint for my princess. Her vintage nursery is finally done. More to show soon!!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Patriotic Chair

I was driving home from work the other night when I passed a wooden chair on the curb, It was beat up and covered with paint splatters. I could not resist as usual. I thought if nothing else, I could practice painting it, and then throw it in the dumpster if it did not turn out. I learn the most from my unsuccessful projects. I might eventually share some so everyone can get a good laugh! Since Labor Day is coming up a patriotic theme came to mind. Here is my trash to treasure.

This is the beat up chair covered in paint splatters that I grabbed off the curb. It had seen better days.

I started by sanding it down a bit to at least even it out for painting. I enjoy a rustic look so I mainly sanded off the paint splatters.

Next I sprayed it with white paint primer. I forgot to take a picture of this step oops! I cut three stars out of contact paper and attached them on the top of the chair. I spray painted the back with blue paint. After waiting for it to dry completely, I removed the star stickers.

I taped off the seat with blue painters tape and painted it red. When I removed the tape it left me with red and white stripes on the seat.

I felt like it was still missing something, so I hand wrote in cursive "My Country Tis of Thee" on the four white lines. It fit perfectly since it is four verses long. I then wiped a little wood stain over the white sections with an old t-shirt to dull down the white tones.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Western Themed Painted Child Chair

Do you ever make something and think...Wow this turned out better then I anticipated? Well, this is exactly what happened to me. Look at this chair I painted for my youngest son's western/rustic bedroom.

I have never painted a piece of furniture more then a solid color in my entire life. If you are even an amateur painter, I will be completely embarrassed if you read my tutorial because I really did not know what I was doing. Ha!

Here is my inspiration piece that I bought at a roadside fair in Texas. The artist is an older woman and I just ADORE all her western pieces of furniture art! I would love to give her due credit but I don't even know who she is. Last time I spoke with her, she told me she just loves to paint as a hobby. Here is the precious little stool I bought from her.

It was a wonderful garage sale weekend again. I purchased this white stool for $1. I am willing to try any painting project for a dollar. I started by spray painting it red.

Next, I used a sponge brush to paint a light yellow line in a curve to create my rope. I painted a rope on the back of the chair and in the little seat. The only good part about Texas summer's is paint dries in minutes in 100 degree weather!!

I then used a little tan paint and literally finger painted over the yellow rope to give it some depth in attempt to replicate my inspiration stool.

I overlapped the rope with bright yellow and blue stars. The key to the abstract stars is not to be a perfectionist. They look better without defined lines and points. I did this with the only other brush I had in the house...a watercolor brush from my son's paint with water book. Obviously, any other paint brush would have been easier. Luckily, it worked with a little extra effort. (I warned you I am not a painter or artist)

Once this had all dried completely, I got my sharpie marker out. I didn't dare attempt detailed lines without a marker. I made little s shapes over the rope.

Again, I went for the haphazard look as I outlined the stars. Then I drew little circles at the points to finish it off.

 If I can paint can you!! Happy painting! Here is my little monster enjoying his new chair.

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