Friday, September 2, 2011

Patriotic Chair

I was driving home from work the other night when I passed a wooden chair on the curb, It was beat up and covered with paint splatters. I could not resist as usual. I thought if nothing else, I could practice painting it, and then throw it in the dumpster if it did not turn out. I learn the most from my unsuccessful projects. I might eventually share some so everyone can get a good laugh! Since Labor Day is coming up a patriotic theme came to mind. Here is my trash to treasure.

This is the beat up chair covered in paint splatters that I grabbed off the curb. It had seen better days.

I started by sanding it down a bit to at least even it out for painting. I enjoy a rustic look so I mainly sanded off the paint splatters.

Next I sprayed it with white paint primer. I forgot to take a picture of this step oops! I cut three stars out of contact paper and attached them on the top of the chair. I spray painted the back with blue paint. After waiting for it to dry completely, I removed the star stickers.

I taped off the seat with blue painters tape and painted it red. When I removed the tape it left me with red and white stripes on the seat.

I felt like it was still missing something, so I hand wrote in cursive "My Country Tis of Thee" on the four white lines. It fit perfectly since it is four verses long. I then wiped a little wood stain over the white sections with an old t-shirt to dull down the white tones.

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  1. This is awesome!I love it! I know exactly what you mean by learning from the mistake projects.
    What type of pen did you use for the wording? A Sharpie fine tip? Did you seal the whole thing with clear when done? GREAT JOB!!!!!

    1. Thanks so much!! I did use a fine tip sharpie and I also ended up putting a clear coat on eventually.

  2. I love this!! I kinda feel dumb asking but how did you get the contact paper to stay on?

    1. I just peeled it off and put the star on while I was painting. Then I removed it after spraying the chair. I hope that makes sense.


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