Monday, March 19, 2018

Secret Agent Spy Party

We had this fun spy party a few years ago and I forgot to post all the pictures. My son was turning 8 and it was at his suggestion. Here he is in his detective gear. We used this picture on our invitation.

Who did it????

That was the question of the day. A crime had been committed and one of the guests was responsible. This was our suspect board. Thanks to Facebook, I was able to obtain pictures of all the guests. Also pictured, the black spy kits the guests received. Each black pencil box had a magnifying glass, note pad, detective glasses/funny face, pens, and fingerprinting supplies.

The crime scene was outside. Note the caution tape, gun, and the hard to see chalk body outline on the sidewalk.

The cake was my favorite!!!

I recorded a video of my husband and played it to explain the mission for the day and the crime to be solved.

This is my youngest detective.

Oh... I almost forgot, they had to go through the lasers when they arrived as part of their spy training.

In this portion of the spy school training, I opened the silver briefcase. The kids could look at the items for one minute. Then I shut the case and had them write down as many as they could remember.

Oh how I love my little detective.

I found this wonderful link from One Creative Mommy for detective badges. Click here.

I did not get a picture quick enough but we also played deactivate the bomb. I had black balloons filled with small pieces of paper. Each one had writing that had to be read with their magnifying glass to see if it was indeed the real bomb. This party was truly a blast to have and the kids were so engaged the whole time. 


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