Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Fireman Birthday Party Treats

After making the fireman pretzel matchsticks and books I decided we needed some more fun treats for the party. My next ideas included red hot fire extinguishers, dalmatian dots, and hot tamales (an old favorite).
Again, I was able to find all the free graphics I needed online to design the little bag toppers. First the red hot fire extinguishers...

And then the dalmatian dots (dark chocolate raisinets)...

We put a few cute stuffed dalmatians around as decoration.

And then our hot tamales...

And then our popcorn bags...

Here is an up close view of the little bags and toppers.

Have fun...these take some time...but are worth it!


  1. How about red twizzlers as fireman hoses. I love all of your ideas. My grandbaby has a fireman grandpa. I see this theme in our future.

  2. Absolutely love all your fireman party theme ideas. Do you still have the templates and can you send to me? Planning my grandsons 4th birthday. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kim. Send me your email and I will send the template your way.

  3. Do you still have these templates? My 5 yr old's birthday is coming up and he's in love with firetrucks.


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