Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My Basket's Full! (Easter Game)

Oh yeah...another fun Easter game. This one only takes 2 minutes to make. I Promise! Our house is a buzz with the joy of Easter in the air. I had to fit in another quick project with only a few days to go. I swear my four year old is getting so rotten. He wakes up and asks me what we can make when he gets home from school. Even if I tell him one project idea, he quickly responds..."And what else?" Ha! Today's project was the My Basket's Full! Easter Game.


Egg carton (1)
6 different colors of plastic eggs
Scrapbook paper
Colored Dice


1. Cut the lid off of your 12 count egg carton and then cut the carton in half.

2. Use scrapbook paper to cut a handle for each egg carton basket. Tape to secure handle.

3. Gather your plastic Easter eggs and dice. If you don't have a colored dice you can tape or modge podge colors on a regular dice or wood cube.

How to Play My Basket's Full!

The youngest player goes first. Let him/her roll the color dice. Select an egg that corresponds to the color rolled, and place it the basket. Play rotates back and forth. If a player rolls a color of an egg they already have in their basket, they do nothing, and play returns to the opposing player. The first player to fill their basket with all six colors yells, "My Basket's Full!"

We kept a separate bunny egg, pictured above, with M &M's in it. The winner of each game got to eat one. Talk about motivation!

My husband and son played it as a team sport against me and my youngest son. They won the first two games in a row. and this is them gloating their win! Lol

Such serious competitors...but I won round three!!


  1. What a fun game! I think I might play tomorrow with Little Man! Thanks for sharing your great idea at oopsey daisy!


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