Sunday, April 22, 2012

Summer Salad or...

My sister and her husband are home visiting from Thailand, and she came out to take the boy's pictures today. I can't wait to share them when they are done and edited. I have been dreaming up props and settings for weeks now in anticipation of some photo fun.

I love that the weather is warming up and we are getting to spend more time outside on the weekends. Texas has such a small window of opportunity to truly enjoy the afternoon weather before the 100 degree days hit! We have been doing a lot of dinners outside on the patio to enjoy the fresh air. Along with this time of year, comes the promise of fresh vegetables. Therefore, I did a little experimenting and concocted this dish I call summer salad. There are so many possibilities with this meal.  Scrumptious!

1 avocado cut in small cubes
1 cup of grape tomatoes cut in half
1juice of lime
8-10 oz crab meat
1 cup cooked or roasted corn
1/2 cup peppers (green, red, and/or yellow)
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp chopped cilantro
2 tbsp chopped red onion
Jalapeno chopped (optional)

1. Place olive oil, lime juice, and red onions in a bowl to soak. In the meantime, prep the rest of your ingredients.

2. I wanted to use roasted corn but we didn't have any leftover. Instead, I combined the peppers and corn in a skillet and cooked them with a little olive oil leaving a little crispy.

3. Combine the remainder of the ingredients and toss well to coat.

4. Yum! Enjoy! These colors are just so vibrant.

I served some over some parmesan crusted tilapia and ate some just as an excellent salad. This recipe could easily be served over salad greens as well.

Oh...and I tried a new version of potatoes. They were a huge hit with the kids. I will share them another day, but they are a healthy alternative to potato skins.


  1. That looks really good!

  2. That looks really good. I've been looking for some avocado recipes.:) Might give this one a try.:)

  3. This salad looks so yummy! Perfect for that summer evening when it's way too hot to cook!! We're so glad you joined us for "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Thanks and come back soon!! -The Sisters

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your recipe is being featued today on Menu & Party Idea Round Up from Cast Party Wednesday #41!
    Thanks for sharing your recipe with us! ---Sheryl---

  5. This like succotash with crab I love it. Please share this on my foodie friday party today and I will pin it too.

  6. Where do the red onions come in? Don't see in list of ingredients.

    1. You will need about 2 tbsp chopped red onions. Combine them with olive oil and lime juice in step 1.


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