Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rustic Country Wedding Party

The party day finally arrived! Yipee! As you know, I have been planning a party for my husband's cousin and fiance. I wanted it to be perfect, as I am sure we all do, when we throw an event. The tough part was I had no idea how many people were coming. I had two RSVP out of about 40 invitations I sent out. It is so sad that sending a RSVP is a lost art. (frown) Oh well, I planned for the best and just made sure we had plenty of food to go around.

The decor is obviously rustic country. I dug through my storage building and found this old coke carrier. I made a little burlap flag sign with their last name. All it took was a sharpie marker, some twine, a glue gun, and 5 minutes.

The mailbox is a new treasure I found at a garage sale last weekend for 50 cents! It added a fun twist to the table, and it allowed me somewhere to store the wedding mad libs. Does anyone remember mad libs as a child? My sister and I used to do them all the time. You fill in nouns, adjectives, etc into blanks. Then those words copy over into a story.

For the wedding mad libs the story went something like this...

When Matt met Sara he was ____________. He noticed her _______ immediately.

However, subject to the wrong and inappropriate words...the story can be quite hilarious. Click here for a link to an example of a wedding mad lib you could use.

As my husband and I were preparing for the party, I quickly realized I was running out of table space. Desperate, I wrapped a piece of plywood in burlap, and laid it on top of our wheel barrow. I then used two huge tree trunks for my rustic cupcake stand.

The tables were decorated with white tablecloths, burlap tied with twine, silver lanterns with fake sunflowers and rocks inside, pictures of the precious couple and personalized brown paper hearts with mints inside. Click here for directions on how to make the personalized candy filled wedding favors.

My husband helped me by cutting up a tree limb I salvaged from out back at work. He cut a groove down the center to hold the photographs. It is always so windy at our house out in the country, that I had to put a little hot glue in the groove to keep the pictures from flying away.

Keeping with the burlap theme, I stamped a black M on some burlap strips and fastened them around the silverware.

The soon to be newlyweds. (smile)

I wish I had a lawn out of a Southern Living magazine, but I don't. It was still pretty, even with the playground and goat pen in the background. Lol! The city folks got a big kick out of the goats in their pen and the chickens roaming around.

We went with a simple menu of sandwiches, pasta salad, fruit, and chips and dip. The mayo and mustard was put in old mason jars with twine tied around them.

I used little chalkboard signs I made for a birthday party a long time ago to label the food. I just switch out the ribbons on the miniature chalkboard signs to match the theme and decor of each party I throw.

Since they are having a destination beach wedding, I created these little cupcakes with a beach, umbrella, and beach ball. They were really rather easy to make. All it took was some blue icing, peppermints, and graham cracker crumbs for sand.

Some of our lovely guests.

Here are the wedding mad libs. They were actually a big hit. The bride to be designed them and brought them to the party. Everyone got a huge kick out of them.

Again, out of table space I used two trunks to put the gifts in. Since it was a dual party, the Stock the bar gifts went in one trunk, and the lingerie shower gifts went in the other trunk.

Ooooh la la

I wish I was a better night photographer, but you can see the lights hanging from the trees. It was gorgeous as the sun went down and completely set the atmosphere I was looking for.

Thanks everyone for coming!


  1. Aw this is so sweet. I am happy for you. I hope you and your partner will live happily eve after.

  2. That turned out so precious! Very good job and I love the slices of tree trunk! Very well done!

  3. Michelle -- I really think you missed your calling and should be an event planner! By the way, the peaches were delicious! Chandra

  4. You did a great job. I am with ya in the RSVP part!

  5. I just love rustic weddings, and I had planned my wedding with rustic theme only. I had booked spacious venues in San Francisco and hired an experienced wedding planner too. My wedding is really memorable to me and all my guests.


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