Sunday, June 10, 2012

Personalized Brown Paper Candy Pouches

Well, I am still in wedding planning mode for the party this weekend. (Stock the Bar and Lingerie Shower). I want it to be intimate like a wedding reception, because my cousin and his fiance are having a destination wedding. Granted, there are about 30 people going, but that just means there are another 50+ that are not. I saw this cute idea for candy pouches on Peppermint Plum. I thought they would make perfect little candy pouches to set around the tables at dinner with mints or snacks. I went to my trusty stamping set and began stamping their last name. I wanted to jazz the brown paper up a bit.

Brown paper or bag
Pencil or pen
Stamp set (optional)
Sewing machine
Candy or snack

1. I used a brown paper sack from the grocery store to make my heart candy pouch wedding favors. I was able to make sixteen hearts out of one bag. I made a template out of heavy paper and traced my hearts.

2. Next, I stamped the hearts with the wedding couples last name to add a personalized touch. My stamping was not perfect with the stamps I had, but I kind of like the messy look of extra ink. For some reason, I think the extra ink adds a vintage flare.

3. Begin stitching around your candy pouch, allowing a small opening, to insert your candy or snack through.

4. Carefully finish sewing to close the pouch.

5. Guests may just rip the brown paper candy pouch open for their treat!

Of course, you can make these candy pouches for anything. Some ideas I thought of were classroom favors, baby shower favors, teacher appreciation gifts (apple shape), or just lunch box treats.
Brown paper is so versatile because it can be drawn on, painted on, run through your printer, or stamped on for decoration. Good luck making a favor for your favorite upcoming event!

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