Monday, July 16, 2012

Frozen Yogurt Salad Topping

I really struggled on what to name this post. I am not sure what to truly call my latest concoction. As many of you know, I hate to waste anything...which includes food that is about to expire. I had strawberry yogurt on the brink of expiration and some fresh strawberries that were getting a little wimpy. The answer to all my food problems...the freezer. Thence was born, my frozen yogurt salad topping. It was unexpectedly scrumptious!

Yogurt (flavored)
Fresh fruit sliced and cut (strawberries)
Candy mold


1. Mix one container of yogurt with cut up fresh fruit and a few dashes of water.

2. Pour into your favorite mold.

3. Pop in freezer until frozen. I popped all of mine out of their heart shaped mold, and kept them in a Ziploc bag. I just grab them out and throw them on top of our fresh salads.

After scoring some home grown tomatoes from my sweet friend Angela at work, I made salads several nights this week. They are such a filling start to a meal to keep me from over eating the main dish. Good luck making your own frozen yogurt salad topping concoction!

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