Sunday, January 13, 2013

Felt Donut "Recipe"

What is better on a Sunday morning then some delicious donuts? Yum. My boys love playing kitchen just as much as most little girls I expect. They love cooking me up a quick breakfast or a nice hearty stew. We didn't have many options in our plastic breakfast food so I made them some felt donuts for Christmas. I was suprised that making felt food can be a bit time consuming. However, they have already spent hours playing with it, so it was worth every second.

I chose to make small donuts, about 3 1/2" each. I have seen many donuts on etsy that are the size you would generally buy at a donut shop. With storage always as an issue at our house, I decided small donuts would be the best.
Brown and tan felt
White felt
Embroidery thread
Polyfill stuffing
1. I started out by cutting out two tan circles about 3 1/2" each. I cut a small hole in the middle of both.
2. Next, I created my icing out of some white felt. I used small embroidery stitches of different colors to make the "sprinkles."

I chose blue, yellow and pink sprinkles for my yummy donuts.

3. Facing right sides together, I sewed around the outer edge only of the circles. (Don't sew the middle circle. I made this mistake the first time not thinking!)

4. Turn your donut inside out and add some stuffing. ( Just keep shoving it into the donut until you don't have any more stuffing showing in the center hole.)

5. The last step is to hand stitch the inner circle to sew the donut up.
I found this cute display box at Michael's for all of the cookies and tea bags. If you missed the felt Halloween sugar cookies look for instructions here. The teabags will be coming soon. I have a lot of posts to catch up!


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