Friday, March 11, 2011

Bathtime Foam Fun Creations

Foam bath toys can be so much fun...

When I was trying to teach my 2 year old shapes and colors I cut a bunch of them out of different colors of foam. I picked up a pack of 12 sheets at the $1 store. I soon discovered with a little water they easily stuck on the side of the bath/shower wall. A priceless discovery!!

For older kids they can trace out their own patterns from stencils and cut them out. You can have a whole town, a race track, a foam version of paper dolls, or even a train station. Imagination is key!

Have an extra special bath time with your kids tonight!

And another fun idea...we take all the miniature bubbles we seem to aquire as party favors and keep them in the bathroom. We have found the bathtub is the perfect place to blow bubbles. 

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