Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Newest Family Additions

I would love to introduce you to our newest family additions...Oreo and Cookie

Oreo is Reese's first birthday present. Cookie is Cade's Easter present. They are twin pygmy goats and we are already in love with them. They rode in the front seat in our laps on the way home. They thrive on attention and follow my son Cade around everywhere he goes. They are even sweeter then my husband and I expected.

Cade with Oreo in front and Cookie in back
You might ask why a goat for a birthday present...? Well, our son Cade, received a calf for his first birthday and we wanted to follow the animal tradition. The calf was promptly name "Holy Cow" We enjoy that our kids love animals and share in the job of taking care of them. Here is Cade with Holy Cow on his first birthday.

Cade and Holy Cow
Here is Holy now! (Cade is three)

This is precisely why I call it Greene Acres Hobby Farm. We did not grow up in the country but our kids are. I can't imagine a better place for two active little boys!

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