Monday, May 7, 2012

A Bugtastic Birthday Party

Come buzz on by and see this great party we went to this weekend. It is funny how I have a party list in my head of great party themes I want to throw for my two boys. My friend Amber's son turned 1 last week, and she had one of the best bug parties I have ever seen. I have a ton of new ideas if I ever decide to have a bug party of my own. There were creative decorations, foods, games, and party favors.

This bug-eyed cutie was outside her front door.

Yum. Look at all this great food. Click on the image to see the up close details. Let me start with the precious PB Spiders. The minute my two year old saw them he screamed bugs with excitement. He got his chubby little hand on one of these spiders right away.

These colorful cones were full of goldfish, Cheetos, and more. They were perfect for little and big hands to hold and munch on.

Now, a bug party would not be complete without the ants on a log. My mom used to make this all the time when I was a kid for snacks. Celery filled with PB and raisins used to give us the giggles as my sister and I pretended we were truly eating ants on a log.

Precious cupcakes. Yum!

The tables outside were decorated with vibrant colors and littered carefully with bug masks for the kids.

Here is my 2 year old drinking bug juice. We made up this fun "treasure drink" last summer at our house. Click here to see how you can fill treat sacks with things such as bugs and water, wrap them with a rubber band, and stick a straw through them for a little treat.

And now for the bug hunt...

The boys and girls were really "digging" this game. (Come on...I had to use that) They used little shovels to dig out the buried bugs.

My four year old was so proud of his new bug collection!!

Don't you just love this cute and simple bug cake. The little guy on the top and bright colored sprinkles made it so festive.

This is little Charlie admiring his cake before it quickly became a smash cake.

The competition was not very stiff from the little ones on this little buzzing pinata. My oldest kept trying until he finally found the winning string to open the treasure hold of candy.

And of course...there were bug treats inside.

On the way out the boys received these treat boxes with bug sprayers for bath time, candy filled spiders, and more bug treats.

Thanks everyone for buzzing by to see this great party. Amazing job Amber!

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  1. Hi Michelle,

    What a fun birthday party! I bet the older kids loved it. I just did a fish party for my little guy, but he wasn't too into it.

    I followed you over from the Lines Across My Face linky party. I would love if you stopped by my blog.

    Thanks for sharing,


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