Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hand Beaded Lanyard and Nurse's Week Gift

This week is Nurse's Week and I wanted to come up with a unique gift for my nurses to thank them for all they do. I am ordering lunch, of course, but I wanted something a little more special to remind them how lucky I am to be their manager. I have great nurses that I work with. My friend (and nurse) Angela at work wears the most beautiful hand beaded lanyards that she purchased at the store. I thought...surely I can make these myself every time I see her wearing one. I went to Michael's in search of some beads. I have never even made jewelry before, but here is what I designed...

I wrapped the gifts up in red and white polka dot paper and attached a little note that read:
Happy Nurses Week!
You are a real lifesaver.
Thanks for all you do!

On to the DIY instructions for making a hand beaded lanyard. I bought a bead kit with an assortment of green and clear beads for $5.99. It had the clasps, beads, and wire in it. I also purchased some lanyard hooks for $3.99.

I cut the wire approximately three feet long. I tied on a clasp at one end and began threading my beads. I must admit this took quite a while.

When I got to the half way mark, I left about one inch of wire left and taped it as a place holder. Then I began stringing beads up the opposite side replicating the pattern from the original side. When I got to the end of the second side I tied on the other clasp.

Now, to finish it off.. I threaded some beads up the section I had folded over and taped and attached a lanyard clasp at the end. This 1 1/2" straight extension down helps keep the name tag straight and in place.

I liked it so much I bought more supplies and made one for myself. These would make a great gift for any professional that wears a name tag to work. Good luck and design your little heart out. Don't forget to tell the nurses you know how much you appreciate them this week.

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