Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Rustic Wedding Ring Bearer Box

One of my husband's oldest and dearest friends, John, is getting married next month. He and his fiancé are planning a lovely wedding with a rustic western theme. I have seen several unique western twists on the traditional ring bearer pillow. I loved the idea of a small wooden box for the wedding rings instead. I felt like it fit them perfectly. I received my invitation recently, and I decided to return my reply with a gift wrapped in a box with burlap.

You may remember their fun engagement photos I took last year. Click here for the full post on their country style engagement photos full of boots and tractors!

Wooden  box
Wood stain
White paint pen
1. I started out with a small wooden box from Michael's Craft Store.
2. Stain your wooden box. I stained the outside and a small portion of the inside.

3. Use a white paint pen to decorate the front and inside.

4. I hand sewed a small piece of burlap with stuffing inside.
I hope they enjoy their little rustic ring bearer box!
P.S. 38 weeks and counting still for my little baby girl to arrive!
Need some more rustic country wedding ideas? Check out this post...with all the instructions on how to throw the party pictured below!

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