Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Couple Engagement Photo Ideas... Country Style

I like to do some photography on the side for friends. My theory is...if you have a talent to share... you should. I am not wonderful at photography, but I get better every time I try. I generally don't charge anything, because it reminds me of the old time country living. (At least my imagination of it) Neighbors just helped neighbors because it was the right thing to do. I feel the same way about my blog.  I really just love to spread the joy of crafting.
Recently, I did these country style engagement photos for some friends. Here are a few of my favorites of the special couple.
I named this photo His and Hers. When they showed up with all of their clothes and a pile of boots I began to laugh. Apparently, they have more at home. I knew we had to capture their boot collection immediately. This is one of my favorite photos!!

We have an old barn with a flag painted on it at our house. It dates back at least 100 years. The rustic barn wood provided a great back drop for their sweet innocence.

My friend John really wanted to incorporate his guitar in their engagement photos. I struggled at first to pose them, and then it just became natural.

Props can be hard sometimes, but they are also a great way to incorporate a couple's personality.

I always have couples send me some pictures of ideas they have seen and admire. It gives me a sense of what they are looking for in their own photo shoot and a sense of their style. The photo above was inspired by a picture the couple emailed me.

We ended up at our next door neighbors house with some of their cool tractors.

Miss Sassy britches was perfect for these pictures.

I feel like she belongs on the set of Dukes of Hazard. (One of my all time favorite shows for the record)

Photography tip: Slant the background horizon a bit to add some interest.

And...don't forget to just have some fun with the pictures. Capture the moment!

These two brought their old school belts from middle school and we did some cute shots of their leather tooled belts.

John mentioned while we were doing their engagement photo shoot that he always loved a girl with a "big wrench" in her hands. I started laughing and dreamed up this playful photograph.

When a couples smiles get worn out, it is the photographers job to bring them back. Just ask the couple to frown...and they will almost always start laughing and smiling after an attempt.

Another idea is to ask your couple to say sweet nothings where you can't hear it. One or more will almost always start laughing within seconds. There is something special about a good secret.

I hope this helps. I have at least 100 more photos. They were having so much fun taking pictures together, we went until the sun set.


  1. Those pictures are wonderful!! What a great memory for the couple- I think you did a fabulous job and thanks for sharing! I love seeing photography and getting ideas for later :)

  2. I'd love to shoot !! Where are you from ??
    my email is


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