Tuesday, March 13, 2012

McMischief the Visiting Leprechaun

It is that crazy time of the year when our little McMischief appears during the night as our visiting Leprechaun. Last year was his first year to visit when my son was 3. Two days ago he reappeared for this year. He left a trail of gold coins from his room to the dining table. He took a green finger painted plate my son had done at school and filled it with Lucky Charm bars, gold coins, and gold beads. My oldest son woke up and I could hear him yelling from downstairs. Mom! Mom! You are never going to believe this!

The second day, McMischief left a treasure hunt. I found this clever treasure hunt printable at Oopsey Daisey here.

An upcoming night of mischief might include this adorable free printable candygram from Every Creative Endeavor.

St. Patrick's Day Candy Gram Printable (8)

I also found these clever St. Patrick's Day Conversation cards at Happy Home Fairy. McMischief may drop these off one night for a fun dinner activity.

Tomorrow McMischief plans to set the breakfast table with everything upside down including the chairs. The cereal bowls, cups, napkins, and chairs are upside down for a crazy start to our morning. I asked my son if he wanted to build a trap to catch McMischief. He thought about it for a while, and then came back to me and informed me that was not in the plan because then the Leprechaun would stop visiting and leaving gifts.

Some other great Leprechaun adventure ideas:

Draw on framed glass photographs with green dry erase markers
Dye your milk green and leave a coin trail to the fridge
Make a leprechaun trap
Leave a St. Patrick's Day book
Dye your toilet water green
Leave a piece of torn green fabric caught in a door or window (Leprechaun escaping)
Make tiny green Leprechaun footprints
Leave green treats in your child's shoes (Leprechauns love shoes)
Make an edible Lucky Charm necklace or bracelet

Here is a funny excerpt from McMischief last year...It was a definite case of Leprechaun mischief gone bad.

March 9th, 2011
Some may say my poor three year old is deprived when I tell you that he has never had any cereal besides Cheerios and Raisin Bran. Therefore, when he woke up this morning and discovered our little mischievous Leprechaun had left a golden coin path to some Lucky Charms cereal he did not know what it was. Lol!
After he found out Lucky Charms had mini marshmallows in it he was very excited. We served them up with some green milk from yesterday. Unfortunately, it was a complete mishap of timing. Little did I know my son had a stomach virus until...GREEN MILK WAS GOING EVERYWHERE! Talk about your all time backfire! White milk is bad enough to clean up but green milk is even worse

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