Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thailand Adventure

Hello from Thailand. I am so excited to share our adventure with you. My sister and her husband are currently living in Thailand teaching English at a college. My four year old and I surprised her and showed up here on Friday from Texas. Her husband, Ted, helped me coordinate the whole trip. Boy was she surprised!! She knew someone was coming to visit, but we were the last people she would have ever suspected. I mean seriously...who is silly enough to bring a four year old half way across the world....me! We had over 24 hours in travel so I will share some of my fun new travel games I created once I get home. Our adventure today was at an elephant sanctuary.

 This is my son and I sitting on one of these huge creatures. They were amazingly docile and friendly. They are also known for their intelligence.

 According to the National Geographic Traveler, Elephants and Thailand are inextricably linked. The animals symbols of power and fertility, as well as their ability to train, makes them a critical part of Thai culture. Their natural habitat is shrinking, and logging was banned in 1989, leaving many animals unemployed and subject to abuse.
 Therefore, there are several elephant sanctuaries across Thailand where elephants are free to wander and play. Here is a local climbing aboard one of the elephants.
 This is what I like to call the "elephant docking station." We were able to climb in a seat and take a 30 minute ride around the preserve. These gentle giants were such a treat. There skin is very much like leather and they are surprisingly hairy.
 The elephants responded well to commands, and this big fella lay down to hang out with us. We paid $10 for an adult and $5 for a child to ride. Best $15 outing I have ever had. Riding an elephant puts riding a horse to shame. Lol!
My son had the best time just talking to them and feeding them. It is a good thing we can't bring an elephant home to our "farm" because he just might try. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures!


  1. WOW! What great pictures...enjoy your trip! Megan

  2. Great posting! Thailand is the awesome place and famous for the adventures too i think adventures lovers should visit this place.


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