Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Bunny Cupcakes

I originally saw a version of these cute cupcakes in an All You magazine several years ago. I thought they were precious.

1 12oz can vanilla or cream cheese frosting
12 cupcakes
1/4 cup pink decorating sugar
12 marshmallows
24 thin pretzel sticks
12 mini marshmallow
24 M&M minis
12 pink candies (for noses)
6 black licorice laces
Coconut (optional)

1. Frost the cupcakes. Roll tops in coconut if desired. I opted to delete this step.
2. Place pink sugar in a small bowl. Using scissors, cut large marshmallows in half crosswise. Press cut side of each marshmallow into pink sugar to make ears. Insert a pretzel stick into marshmallow ear. Insert other end of pretzel stick into cupcake to make ear stand up.
3. Cut small marshmallows in half. Use small dot of icing to stick them on as cheeks. Use the same technique to apply nose and eyes. Cut licorice in 1 1/2 inch pieces and insert as whiskers.

This poor bunny did not stand a chance!

Please feel free to be creative. I use whatever candy I have on hand and any color I have available. Eat and enjoy! The kids at our family Easter gathering always love these!

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