Sunday, April 3, 2011

Train Birthday Party Baggage Claim Favors

When thinking about all the things that could go with a train station...baggage claim came to mind. What a fun way to display the kids party favors!

First I sewed what felt like a million little blue and white striped bags. I sew the lazy/quick way. I am sure most of the children's parents are not sewing teachers and might I say...thank goodness. I cut out two 9 x 5.5" rectangles first. (There is no perfect size) To give the bags a finished look by the casing I just turned in the top inch or so. (Yes, this is what I meant by lazy)

I stiched about 1/2" down. Then, facing right sides of the fabric together, I sewed around the bags on three sides ending right where the scissors are pointing in the picture below. (Leave the top open!)

Turn the bags inside out and thread a string throught the casing with a safety pin. Our railroad bags are now ready for treats.

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