Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nightstand Table Trash to Treasure

I was driving to a friend's house who is on bed rest with twins when I discovered this little treasure of a nightstand or end table. This is not what it looked like at first of course.

I elected to bypass the traditional habit of hanging mirrors and pictures and displayed them on the table instead. Books with colorful bindings, a little blue bird, and a flower arrangement helped add to all the vibrant colors.

Here is the original nightstand or end table. Lovely as you can tell. Lol!

I picked this up for my mom's living room so she helped out. First we took the drawer out and the doors off. I sanded down the really rough spots noted above so they would not be as significant. Next we applied a coat of primer with a paint brush. It took a full day to dry. Then we applied a gorgeous red apple paint.

We wanted more of a rustic charm so I took a t-shirt and dipped it in walnut wood stain. I lightly went over all the paint. Warning: Stain on paint will take about three days to dry.

The stain does not have to be perfect when you apply it over paint because it helps add to the rustic charm. I hope you find a treasure to redo for your own home. Here is my mom's living room redone...

The Before Picture

The After Picture

I will post the shabby chic turquoise mirror project next so come back and visit later this week.

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  1. That red looks great! Sometimes bold color is the perfect solution.

  2. Visiting from 'Under the Table...'

    Love the red! and the room looks just transformed!


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