Sunday, April 10, 2011

Train Candy Puzzle Game for Birthday Party

A while back, I saw a cute idea on a website for a candy puzzle. I wish I could remember who to give credit to. (Sorry!) I adapted their heart theme from Valentine's Day to a train theme for Reese's birthday party.

The candy is pushed out the top opening where an engineer would sit.

I  bought some black and silver speckled vinyl at JoAnn Fabric. I used a train to trace out the patterns on the back of the vinyl.

This is what they looked like once they were cut out...  (About the size of my hand)

Next, I sewed a Ziploc bag on top to create the candy maze. An extra line across the middle increases the challenge. After sewing you will also need to cut out the remainder of the Ziploc bag in the train shape.

I ended up not using these for the party because of the level of difficulty to manipulate the candy. Most of our kids were three and under. They would be better for age 4 and up. My three year old loved the challenge!

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