Saturday, September 28, 2013

Our Baby Girl Newborn Photo Shoot

Our precious baby girl has arrived! We are so in love. After having two boys, dressing a girl is a real treat. I was inspired to take some newborn photos when she was a week old. I searched for unique, creative, and original newborn photo ideas and was inspired to come up with some of my own as well. My little one was surprisingly cooperative, but it still took quite a while to capture some of these pictures. I am so appreciative of digital cameras, because I vividly remember the days before we had them. and all the film I used to develop!!

I squeezed Miss Anabelle in a bucket and she was pleasantly comfortable after a few minutes. I think she just enjoyed being on her tummy.

I am doing the nursery with a vintage theme and I snagged this old baby scale for photographs at a garage sale.

Look who just arrived! I am thinking it would have been much easier and less complicated if she truly had arrived by express mail.

This is the photograph I took in the hospital when she was 3 days old. The hospital photographers never made it around, so I took this picture a few minutes before I was taken out.

Daddy is in love with his little princess. This photo was at the hospital too.

Now on to the proud big brothers.

Welcome baby girl. Our family is complete!


  1. I absolutely love the one of her on Daddy's chest! Blessings to you all x

  2. I love them all! I'll share with my daughter who also just had a little girl about three weeks ago!


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