Tuesday, August 2, 2011

DIY Shutter Inspirations-28 Ways to Decorate and Repurpose Old Shutters

I picked up some shutters a few weeks ago at a garage sale and I have been brainstorming what to do with them. There are so many DIY shutter projects on the internet to turn trash to treasure. I ran across this amazing wall of shutters and I am wondering if I should start a collection myself!

My only concern is who would I find to dust this every few months! It is gorgeous though and probably completely worth it. What an inspiration!

I love the simplicity of lines and the neutral beige color of this beauty. There is a great tutorial for this by HGTV.

Look at this amazing headboard by Girl in the Air. She has a great tutorial too with spectacular pictures.

Forever Decorating cleverly took these old shutters and created some decor for what looks like a peaceful outdoor oasis. I wish I was enjoying that swing right now.

Cottage in the Oaks made a "nook" by creating a bright blue shutter privacy fence. I love the vibrant contrast of the the blue with the natural landscaping.

 I am so impressed with this rustic planter box from Sand Flat Farm. It would look perfect on my old barn.

Here is another clever idea from Girl in the Air. I guess she originally saw it on HGTV. I would have never thought of combining concrete forms and shutters.

Pretty Handy Girl painted her old shutters to make a Christmas card display. Her house looks gorgeous. What a nice added touch for the holiday season. I guess it is Christmas in July time.

Four large shutters make a breezy and beautiful armoire. (Martha Stewart Living)
Martha Stewart shares this beautiful idea for a breezy shutter armoire.

Razmataz transformed an old shutter into a charming and useful peg board.

An adorable coffee table made from reclaimed New Orleans shutters. A glass top keeps your wine glass from ruining the rug. A design by Janet Molero, ASID. Cute, no?
Glass table transformed to Shutter Table

What a lovely conversation piece and so much more kid friendly then a glass top table.


A Glimpse Inside Blog

I like the creativity of not using just old shutters alone as a decoration. A Glimpse Inside Blog has a great tutorial for jazzing up these shutters with some style.

Shutter Porch Display on Houzz

Houzz describes this as "Old South meets Carribean." I could not have described it any better myself.

Shutter Utensil Holder by Ideas Magazine

This shutter serves as a unique way to display kitchen utensils with a nice country cottage flair.

Shutter Hall Tree by Going Coastal

Going Coastal was genious when she decided to craft old shutters into an exquisite little hall tree with rustic roots and a perfectly positioned shelf.

Source Unknown

Shutter Organizer by Funky Finds Etsy Shop

This lovely shutter with display slats and chalkboard has already sold, but head over to Funky Finds Etsy Shop for some more vibrant farmyard treasures.

Shutter planted pot display-Source Unknown

Who said old shutters had to be used in their original form? Look at this eye pleasing use of old shutter wood into an embellished dresser.

via decorpad
Decor Pad

Door with vintage shutters

Shutter Chalkboard Menu

I stumbled across this unique menu board on a wedding blog. The classic black and white design makes a perfect addition to a special day.

Ceiling full of Shutters

Look at this spectacular display of shutters. I wish this restaurant was near me.

Shutter Shelf Tutorial by Serendipty Chic Design

pp.jpg (JPEG Image, 350x510 pixels)
By Braybourne Farm

Bulletin Board with Shutters by Crafty Nest

My favorite part of this design is it hides the details on the board. Let's be honest...this is a super organized bulletin board and mine would never be that neat!

Shutter Wall by Johnny in a Dress

I hope you find some inspiration in these amazing shutter projects. I have not decided what to do with my new shutter treasures yet...but when I do...you will be the first ones to know!

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  10. They are definitely treasures, Michelle. All they need is a little painting, some creative ideas flowing, and voila! --- timeless decors! Out of all the shutter projects here, I think that headboard would be a worthy project!


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