Tuesday, February 7, 2012

35 Creative, Clever, and Unique Valentine Ideas for Kids

Only one week until Valentine's Day!! I truly enjoy coming up with fun, creative, clever, and unique Valentines. My boys love taking something different to school to share with their friends. Last year I hit the post Valentine sales and bought a ton of Valentine cookie cutters on sale. They were 90% off at Dollar General. I paid 10 cents for a pack of four. What a deal!  I made them into one of the Valentine's I am going to share with you today, in my roundup of 35 creative, clever, and unique Valentine ideas for kids.

Here are 35 fun ideas for Valentines that I have found in my travels. I have tried very hard to give credit where deserved to these wonderful ideas.

1. Fortune Cookie Valentine by Lisa Storms

2. Fry Box Valentine by Then She Made

3. Maze and Pick Valentine by Then She Made
Hand Crafted Valentines
4. Monkey and Lion Valentine by Lisa Storms

5. Pop Rock Valentine by Lisa Storms

A Sweet Shovel
6. I Dig You Valentine Shovel by Family Fun

A simple, creative, non-sugar valentine
7. Valentine You Rule by Family Fun

Rocket Valentine
8. Valentine You're a Blast by Family Fun

9. Valentine you make my heart bounce by The Crafting Chicks

easy valentine

10. Bear Hugs from Family Fun

11. Valentine Airplane by Givers Log

12. Superhero Valentine by Zakka Life


13. Goldfish Valentine by Tammy Mitchell


14. I'd Snap at the Chance to be Your Valentine by Unknown


15. Tic Tac Toe X's and O's by Shim and Sons

seed-starter Valentine

16. Seed Starter Valentine by Marthastewart.com

Valentine Flower Pops

17. Valentine Flower by Marthastewart.com

18. Girl Scout Valentine by Greene Acres Hobby Farm (me)

19. Valentine You Set My Heart on Fire by Greene Acres Hobby Farm (me)

20. Valentine for a POP-ular Teacher by Greene Acres Hobby Farm (me)

21. Valentine...You STIR up the Sweetest Emotions in Me by Greene Acres Hobby Farm (me)

22. Hand and Footprint Valentine by Tons of Fun Preschool Activities


23. Pirate Valentine by Mer Mag

DSC_4769 copy

24. Conversation Heart Valentine by Bunny Cakes

DSC_7119 copy1

Pinned Image


27. Valentine I've Had My Eye on You by Dandee Designs

Pinned Image

28. You Make my Heart Glow by The Teacher Wife

Rollo valentine

29. Rollo Valentine by Family Fun


30. Crayon Valentine by The Long Thread


31. Stick Em Up Valentine by Sherelle Christensen

32. Hacky Sack Valentine by Alexis at jacolynmurphy

33. Army Men Valentine Ideas by Alexis at jackolynmurphy

34. I think I glove you by Alexis at Jacolynmurphy

35. You Were Cut Out to Be My Valentine (Cookie Cutter Valentine) by Greene Acres Hobby Farm (me)

Thank goodness for all the creative people out there! I will never be without a fun valentine for my kids again! Now, the biggest challenge is making them ahead, so I won't have to do it the night before the party!


  1. What a fabulous collection of ideas! I love them - and lots of them could be used for other occasions too! I've pinned this page - thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Wow, what a great roundup! I love and will be pinning many of these! Thanks for sharing at oopsey daisy!

  3. Wow! Thanks so much for featuring 3 of my Valentines!
    Happy Valentine's Day,


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