Sunday, February 24, 2013

Newborn Photo Ideas Tips and Tricks

If you have ever tried to take newborn pictures you know how challenging it can be. Looking for a few tips? Newborns don't normally have a regular schedule yet, they are still quite wrinkly, and their favorite position is often in their mother's arms. However, most new moms don't want a whole lot of pictures of themselves after 9 months of pregnancy, delivery, and exhaustion. They want some sweet baby pictures to send out on announcements and to share with loved ones.
I lucked out on this photo shoot for a friend to get a sweet and gentle soul...most of the take pictures of. I always ask the mom if they are comfortable with me handling and positioning their baby. I just ask if they are ever uncomfortable or would rather do it themselves halfway through to let me know. I find it MUCH easier to move a baby around on my own.
I found this antique baby scale at a garage sale. It was perfect. Not only does it show the little one's weight, but it is a precious prop for her in her pink Tu Tu. I love how her tiny little foot is draped off the edge to show how truly small it is.
I usually try to take a vertical and horizontal shot of my favorite poses. It always surprises me which one I like best in the end.
And of course, any baby picture is classic in black and white.

My next prop was a basket, a special baby blanket, and an antique little mirror. Her mom wanted her to wear a special dress that had been passed down for generations. The mirror was stashed in the back of the basket, and served to reflect even more details of this baby girl.

I always think babies looked almost "fake" when I look at old photography black and white photos from our grandparents generations. With her old little bonnet, and serene look, I feel it captures that old time feel to fit with her dress. I only goes well for a while. Ha ha. I just picked her up, soothed her back to sleep, and nestled her back in the basket for more photos ten minutes later.


I always ask the parents to send me some ideas of what type of pictures they want at a photo shoot. It is not because I lack ideas. It helps paint me a picture of what style of photography they are looking for. The mom specifically requested a few photos with their wedding rings. This is such a classic and sweet memory for them.

Mom also mentioned she would like to use a chair  from her bedroom. I dragged it outside and stood up on a chair to get this angle. I love how small it makes the baby look. I know she will treasure looking back at that chair, and seeing how tiny she really was, to take up only that much room. I turned the background to black and white and kept the little one in color. (All of this is possible with Picassa which is free to download and easy to use)

Just a simple pose. Looks like she is saying hmmm....

Most moms also want a little skin in pictures. However, babies are wrinkly, have mottled skin, and often baby acne early on. I have found it easiest to take more head shots showing a little extra skin. Black and white is your friend. I can almost smell that newborn baby scent looking as she serenely rests.
Hope this helps. Good luck on your next attempt to take newborn photos. Patience is key.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine for a Toe-tally Awesome Teacher

So I decided late this afternoon to make my son's teachers some special Valentine gifts. I should have thought of it earlier, but things have been crazy. We are in the process of purchasing some new land, putting our house up for sale, designing a new house, and I am still chasing my two young boys.
Well, to be honest, I also started feeling guilty that I had not done anything already, so I went shopping after work. I decided on some little pedicure kits for their teachers.
Nail polish
Polish remover
Mini emory board
Cotton balls
I filled these little glass jars and put their teacher's names on top. I inserted a little note for a Toe-tally Awesome Teacher. Happy Valentine's Day!!

These mini pedicure kits would make great personalized teacher appreciation gifts too. (Just something to keep in mind) I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

50 Unique, Clever, and Creative Valentines

Are you still looking for that perfect Valentine for your kids to take to school? With so many great ideas on the internet I came up with my favorite 50 unique, clever, and creative valentines perfect for girls and boys. There are even some for teachers. I've heard many schools have gone to Valentines without candy and there are plenty of those options here too. Tons of these Valentines come with free printables which is an extra bonus. If you can't find the perfect and original Valentine may have to just create your own and share it with me!

1. Mustache Valentine by Design Dazzle

2. I "Chews" You Valentine by Living with Three Moon Babies
4. Life Would be Unbearable Without You by Six Sister Stuff
5. Valentine Bookmark by Inchmark
6. Fortune Cookie Valentine by Making it Feel Like Home
7. Super Hero Valentine Peg People by Bugger Dixon Line
Printable Personalized Robot Valentine with Hersheys Miniature wrap
8. I'm Nuts and Bolts About You! by Kayden Ashley
9. I Never "Tire" of Your Friendship Valentine  (Author Unknown)
10. I Was Soapin You'd be Mine by Jens Own Road
11. Valentine...I Like the Way You Roll by Thirty Hand Made Days
12. Stuck on You Valentine by Scrum Dilly Do
15. "Doh" You Want to be My Valentine by Random Thoughts of a Super Mom

16. Maze and Pick Valentine by Then She Made

17. Fry Box Valentine by Then She Made

Hand Crafted Valentines

18. Monkey and Lion Valentine by Lisa Storms

19. Pop Rock Valentine by Lisa Storms

A simple, creative, non-sugar valentine
20. Valentine You Rule by Family Fun

Rocket Valentine
21. Valentine You're a Blast by Family Fun

22. Valentine you make my heart bounce by The Crafting Chicks

easy valentine

23. Bear Hugs from Family Fun

24.Valentine Airplane by Givers Log

25. Superhero Valentine by Zakka Life


26. Goldfish Valentine by Tammy Mitchell


27.  I'd Snap at the Chance to be Your Valentine by Unknown


28. Tic Tac Toe X's and O's by Shim and Sons

seed-starter Valentine

29. Seed Starter Valentine by

Valentine Flower Pops

30. Valentine Flower by

31. Girl Scout Valentine by Greene Acres Hobby Farm (me)

32. Valentine You Set My Heart on Fire by Greene Acres Hobby Farm (me)

33. Valentine for a POP-ular Teacher by Greene Acres Hobby Farm (me)

34. Valentine...You STIR up the Sweetest Emotions in Me by Greene Acres Hobby Farm (me)

35. Hand and Footprint Valentine by Tons of Fun Preschool Activities


36. Pirate Valentine by Mer Mag

DSC_4769 copy

37. Conversation Heart Valentine by Bunny Cakes

DSC_7119 copy1

38. Valentine's Day is for Suckers by Bunny Cakes

Pinned Image

39. Valentine You've Arrested My Heart by RockNRegalia


40. Valentine I've Had My Eye on You by Dandee Designs

Pinned Image

41. You Make my Heart Glow by The Teacher Wife

Rollo valentine

42. Rollo Valentine by Family Fun


43. Crayon Valentine by The Long Thread


44. Stick Em Up Valentine by Sherelle Christensen

45. Hacky Sack Valentine by Alexis at jacolynmurphy

46. Army Men Valentine Ideas by Alexis at jackolynmurphy

47. I think I glove you by Alexis at Jacolynmurphy

48. You Were Cut Out to Be My Valentine (Cookie Cutter Valentine) by Greene Acres Hobby Farm (me)

49. Hooked on You Valentine by Lil' Luna

50. Valentine I Can't Mask My Feelings For You by Greene Acres Hobby Farm (me)

I hope this huge list of great ideas helps!!
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