Monday, February 27, 2012

26 Fun Cardboard Box Ideas

Are the winter blues getting you down? Are your kids feeling cooped up and in need of fun indoor activities? How about some cardboard fun. All of these DIY cardboard crafts would be a child's dream come true. Look at these amazing ideas. I also discovered a wonderful post on How to Work With Cardboard by ikatbag. I will feature many of her creative ideas below.

John Deere Cardboard Tractor by The Party Wall


Cardboard Barn by The Party Wall

Cardboard Playhouse by Kimbo

cardboard store

Cardboard Produce Stand by

Cardboard kitchen

Cardboard Kitchen by Declutter, Organize, Repurpose

Cardboard car and gas pump

Cardboard Gas Station Pump by Declutter, Organize, Repurpose

Cardboard Plane by Mini Mocha

Cardboard Motorcycle by Solo and the Wookie

Cardboard Castle by Ikatbag


Crazy Cardboard House by Ann Wood

Cardboard Canvas by Filth Wizardry

puppet-theater on Kidoinfo

Cardboard Puppet Theater from KidoInfo

Miniature Cardboard Castle by Fimby

Cardboard Dinosaur from the Anthropologie Catalog

Cardboard Guitars by Make It and Love It


Cardboard box game

Child Activity Toy from Parents Magazine

Cardboard Purses by Ikatbag

Lightning McQueen Cardboard Car by Greene Acres Hobby Farm

Tow Mater by Greene Acres Hobby Farm

Cardboard Train (Locomotive) by Greene Acres Hobby Farm

Cardboard Pirate Ship (Boat) by Willing to Risk Ready To Go

Cardboard Angry Birds from Crafts By Amanda

Cardboard Robots by Cardboard Crafts

Cardboard Suitcases by

And the ultimate cardboard genius...Mr. McGroovy His photos are all copyrighted so you will have to just check out his website and flickr albumns. Look at this amazing pirate ship that would be perfect for our upcoming birthday party! I would love for you to share links to some of your own cardboard crafts and projects!

3/5/12 Update...I made my boys their very own cardboard pirate ship. Instructions here.


  1. K..those are all adorable but your McQueen is amazing!! I attempted something similar last year but yours is WAY better :) Thanks for sharing so many great ideas!!

  2. Love the post. I love using cardboard boxes for all manner of things. A couple of Hallowe'ens ago I made my son a Thomas the Tank Engine costumer out of several cardboard boxes. I must post some pics of him on my blog. It's had a lot of admiring comments but sadly it no longer fits him. He's been asking for a new one though. Time to get the glue gun heating up I think.

    Madison xxx

  3. What fabulous ideas. Thanks for compiling them. Jodi @

  4. Oooh, those are beautiful. I made cardboard castles for my kids before, but never with that much care and detail.

  5. oh this is awesome, can you make a sled??? Wanda


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