Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blind Date With a Book

When I saw this idea...I fell in love. Have you ever heard of a blind date with a book? It is the very clever idea where you check out a wrapped book without knowing what you are getting. It is very similar to a blind date. Genius! I emailed my son's school librarian and asked if I could help implement this for the whole first grade. Her response...you know there are 125 kids?!?! My response, "Yes I know I am crazy...but I think the kids will love it!" The librarian seemed to be just as excited about the idea as me.
I proceeded to wrap and decorate 125 books. I used small white stickers on the back of the books to write the number needed to check them out.
1. Open me at your HOME
2. I would love to meet your FAMILY
3. Please give me a CHANCE...you just might fall in LOVE!
I also made up some fun cards for the kids to fill out in regards to their date.

I can't wait to hear what they have to say! I also decided to wrap one up for my sweet older friend who is like a Grandma to me. She will be receiving a book in the mail any day now. Just in time to have her blind date for Valentine's Day.
I am always happy to share what I have created. Just comment with your email address and I will try to send it your way.

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