Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hanging Valentine Post Office

A while back, I saw a cute door hanging puppet theater that inspired this Valentine themed post office for mail delivery. My boys love mail, so Valentines are especially fun. Letter writing seems to be an increasingly lost art these days, but who doesn't love receiving something in the mail besides bills! I know I do.

My kids have quite an imagination of their own, but I always think it helps to play with them and encourage new ideas. I also made some small felt letters to play mail delivery with. They are the perfect size to insert store bought valentines or homemade ones.

I started off by cutting a piece of red velvet fabric to fit the doorway. I then sewed all the edges under. You could easily use press in tape if you don't choose to sew.

Next, I cut out the letters for mail and two hearts and used a zig zag stitch to secure them. (Again, you could use press on adhesive if you don't sew)

I cut the window opening 19" x 9" and then a small mail slot approx 1" x 8". If I were to make another hanging post office, I would probably cut the window much smaller. (Possibly 9x9). I then used red, pink, and white ribbon to trim out the window and mail slot.

I sewed up some sweet felt envelopes for our Valentine letters. Only one day left!!

Got Mail?

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