Tuesday, July 29, 2014

DIY Lego Notebooks 4/$1

There is no doubt my boys are in the Lego phase. Of course, my In-To-EVERYTHING 10 month old is a disaster around small pieces such as Legos. Absolutely everything goes in her mouth!! Minus the nightmare choking hazard aspect of Legos in our house...I still let them play with them daily. I can't deny they were possibly one of the best toys created for imaginative play. We rented the Lego Movie tonight and I decided it would be fun to make a craft to go along with it. 

I had a few old Lego boxes the boys were having trouble parting with. I decided we could repurpose their old Lego boxes into spiral notebooks with some minimal effort.
I bought a four pack of small spiral notebooks for less then a $1. I bent the ends of the metal spirals and disassembled the notebooks. Then the boys traced the covers of the old notebooks onto the Lego boxes, and we cut them out.
I lined up the old notebook cover with our new notebook cover, and punched out the holes on top. After threading the metal spiral back through, our notebooks were complete.
It was the perfect craft for under $1, and we were finally able to get rid of our Lego box collection!

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