Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Baby Washcloth Fast Gift Idea

I have two friends that have just recently had sweet baby girls. I gave them gifts before they were born but I always like to give a little something extra when I go to visit for the first time. One of my favorite fast gift ideas is baby washcloths. I buy a whole bundle at Walmart to have on hand for personalization. I love giving burp cloths too but I have found that washcloths are really more useful over time. Especially when you buy the adult size washcloths to make them out of. Here are the gifts for baby Julia and Alice.

I often make up several with a boy or girl themed circle in advance to have on hand. I have found that felt is the easiest way to add a letter on top. Now for the simple and easy directions. Iron on your adhesive to a small section of desired fabric. Then use a glass or cup to trace the circle size. Cut out your circle and peel off the paper backing on the adhesive. Iron on to your washcloth.

Next I cut out a small square of wax paper to layer under my washcloth while sewing to act as a stabilizer. A zig zag stitch will easily secure your circle to the washcloth. I then embellished with a felt letter. So fast and simple!

Some other washcloths I have made in the past...

Western themed

Turtle and Duck

Up close veiw of the turtle

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