Monday, May 23, 2011

Creative Baby Shower Wrapping

I have a sweet friend that just had twin boys...which means she needs double the clothes. I hit a huge sale before they arrived and bought her some matching outfits for the fall. I love clever wrapping so I hung all the clothes on a line like this.

 This obviously was a baby girl's shower I did previously. The last thing that she pulled out of the box on the line was a nursing bra. That gave the girls at the party a good laugh!

Supplies needed: rope, clothes pins, and lots of cute clothes. I started with a medium size box. It is surprising how big it needs to be when you start folding the clothes in there with the clothes pins on.

Start by hanging your first two items on your "clothes line" with the clothespins right side up.

Then flip the second item over with right sides together so you can add your next two items.

Continue this process until all of your clothes are folded into one pile. Place in desired box. When your baby shower recipient pulls them out they will all be hanging on the line with right sides facing the party.

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