Friday, May 20, 2011

Easy Cabinet Knob and Drawer Pull Installation

I hate to admit we had brand new cabinets and drawers in our kitchen for almost two years before we finally put knobs on them.

 I used to say it was because we had a toddler and they were more child proof that way. We could hardly open them half the time. Then I found these little treasures...

These templates for cabinet knobs and drawer pull installation were amazing. You could elect to draw a dot through them or I just chose to drill right through the hole. We started with the cabinet doors first.

I held the template on the corner of the cabinet and just drilled through my desired hole.  Next we tackled the drawer pulls.

We were very satifsfied with our end product and how even and level all our knobs and drawer pulls looked. It was also so much faster then using a tape measure to mark the spots.

I hope these tips, tricks, and templates help you with your cabinet knob and drawer pull installation!

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