Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY Gift of the Month Club for Christmas

Did you go black Friday shopping? I did. Crazy me. While planning out my Christmas list, I realized we have several family members that are so difficult to buy for. I always search for that special, thoughtful, yet personalized gift for Christmas. It is truly a fun challenge for me. This year, I came up with the Gift of the month club idea. Sometimes Christmas can be so overwhelming with all the gifts we give and receive. Why not make it last 3-6 months longer. This is not for the idle gift giver, because it does take some discipline and follow through. I tried this first last year with my 94 year old Grandmother. Ask most 94 year olds...and there is nothing they want or need. They are just grateful for family and friends.

My grandmother likes to scrapbook unique cards, but it is becoming increasingly hard for her to come up with new ideas. I prepared 12 months (I know...I was ambitious the first time) of packages where I designed  a sample card, and all the pre-cut pieces to go with it. She loved it! I prepared it all before Christmas, therefore, not allowing myself to fizzle out on month 3. Ha! I know myself well.

Here are a few Gift of the Month Club ideas I plan on trying this year.

1. Book of the month: I ordered a bunch of books from scholastic book club for two of my nieces. I will let them unwrap one on Christmas, and they will receive the rest in the mail for 3-6 months. The best part is the post office has a media rate. I already checked out pricing to ensure the cost savings. Very cheap! You could also pick up books at Half Price Books or Garage Sales. The good thing about books, is that they often still look brand new if the previous owner has taken care of the.

2. Meal of the month or Soup of the Month: This is a great gift for a co-worker that is difficult to buy for. My mom does this at work with a good friend. Once a month, when they make a meal, they just make extra to take and share.

Here are some other fun ideas I have considered:

1.  Fabric of the month: Do you know the ultimate seamstress, sewing addict, or quilter.  Buy 1/2-1 yard of some unique or fun fabrics. Package them up in mailing envelopes and have them ready to send each month.

2. Recipe or Spice of the Month: This is perfect for the cook or chef.  Send a unique recipe accompanied by a spice to complete it with. Imagine the joy of creating a new dish you have discovered for them once a month.

3. Game of the Month: Send a young child a new board game or printable game once a month. There are some wonderful websites out there with unique learning activities and printable games. Example:

4. Pajama of the Month Club: Perfect for a child or adult. Why do you think the Pajamagram was designed? Or mix it up and send pajamas one month, slippers another, and cozy socks the next.

5. Sock of the Month Club: I meet more people every year that enjoy wearing crazy and fun socks. Send fun and cozy socks to brighten their day.

6. Dish Towel of the Month Club: Pick up festive and bright dish towels year round on sale. Have them ready in time for Christmas to package up for each month.

7. Restaurant of the Month Club: Send a new gift card each month for them to try out a new or even favorite local restaurant. You can always snag good deals through Groupon or Restaurant.com

8. Golf of the Month Club: Buy gift cards in advance to local golf courses or watch Groupon for specials. Send a new one each month for your avid golfer. Another fun golfer gift is Usabagtag.com. It is a bag tag that allows them to try over 25 courses for only $50.

9. Fisherman or Lure of the Month Club: Pick out seasonal lures and fishing gear that is light weight to send through the mail. Nothing encourages a fisherman like the latest and greatest fishing lure.

Fishing wobblers 2008
1o. Beauty Product of the Month Club: Send a fun cosmetic item each month such as nail files, nail polish, lip gloss, lotion, etc. Pamper them with beauty products.

I hope you have fun coming up with ideas for your loved one. Just remember, when shipping monthly, it is wise to stick with light weight items. I also highly recommend you prepare all your shipments before Christmas...so they will be ready each month to send. Good luck!

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