Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DIY Nativity Creche

My mom made an early request this December for a nativity scene for her Willow Tree figurines. Would you believe the real one is $99. I just finally got around to making her one from scrap wood...for free. Funny part of it is, I did not realize how tall the Willow Tree figurines were before I started. Joseph is a giant! The first creche I made was too small, so she ended up with two different designs. Here is the Willow Tree creche design.

It is very simple but almost elegant at the same time. I used 1x6 boards as the bottom two levels and some bead board as the backing. The rest of the wooden pieces were just scraps I had laying around that I cut to fit. I ended up using mainly wood glue and then a couple of screws to hold the creche together. Of course, like I said earlier, there was the first design that was too small.

My mom had an antique nativity set she used in this one. My boys might just get to play with this one. They adore listening and acting out the Christmas story.

This nativity was made out of scrap wood as well. I painted both nativities with light beige. Next, I used a small piece of old t-shirt to rub on some wood stain for texture. I could not believe how easy these were to make...and of course I was excited I saved $99.

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  1. I just found this post through google and would love to make this wooden nativity with my cub scout den this week! Do you know about how big the measurement is on the bottom wood scrap and how tall the side scrap sides go up just so I can get an idea. I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!

    1. The base is almost 12". The height is almost 13". It was because the Willow Tree characters are so tall.


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