Monday, December 19, 2011

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

The Christmas tree has been up for two weeks...and our little elf on the shelf Jingle has been on the prowl. If you have never seen this creepy cute little elf, and the story that accompanies him, you are missing out!

Look at my son's look of surprise when he realized the lego men had captured Jingle.

This is the original story. It is now plastered in every book store window...but it really lives up to its publicity hype. The elf flies back to Santa every night to report on how your child is doing. Oh...but make sure not to touch him or he will lose his magic!

I ran out of clever and creative elf on the shelf ideas last year, so I am started my research early thanks to Pinterest. I tried very hard to give credit where deserved, but so many pictures only linked back to Thanks everyone for these amazing and fun ideas!

Snow angel
Snow Angel

Elf on the Shelf ideas


Fishing for goldfish

Elf on the Shelf ideas
Message in the snow

Elf on the Shelf Ideas
Soft place to snooze

elf on the shelf ideas
Staying warm with the cold

Pinned Image
Relaxing in the tub

Our elf with an umbrella under the water/ice dispenser on our fridge.
Trying to keep out of the rain
(water dispenser)

Elf Ideas

Parachuting daredevil

Settling for a long winter's nap

Elf mischief for Christmas
Photo by Jen Mcken

Hot air balloon adventure

Start your engines!

Pinned Image
Bubble bath luxury

elf: Messing with the toothpaste.
Meddling with the toothpaste

Elf Kisses by Kims Kandy Kreations with Printable

Do you have any more fun ideas to share with me? I am always up for some new suggestions! Especially when they have already been kid-tested on your own little ones. Here is where Jingle will be in the morning...

And the next day...

Ice Fishing


  1. These are so cute! I have a few that we have done over on my blog. I haven't posted today's yet, but I did a Flying Trapeze Charley. I used some yarn and a candy stick to hang a trapeze from our air conditioner vent on the ceiling, slapped a cape on him, and hung him upside down on the trapeze. My boys LOVED it.

  2. Our elf, Cutesy, has been very busy. Today, he was hanging upside down on a web wearing a spiderman mask. His many adventures are under the label "elf" on my blog.


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