Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Appreciation Awards

I am lucky to have some of the best employees as a nurse manager. We had an extra tough week at our surgery center and had to call 911 two days in a row. It is unusual for this to happen twice a year. In case you are not aware, it is normal procedure for outpatient surgery centers to call 911 if a patient becomes unstable. We are not a hospitals, and we are not equipped for continuous emergency care. If a patient has an unexpected event, it is our job to stabilize them, and transfer them to the nearest hospital.

We had one patients family member suffer a heart attack while in the lobby, and she appeared at the front desk presenting with chest pain. She was immediately brought to our patient care area and assessed and monitored by staff while we called an ambulance for transfer. We had another patient that presented with stroke like symptoms after a routine procedure. These two separate events were out of our control, but they sure made for intense days. I really wanted to thank my employees for their outstanding work those two days and every day, so I am presenting a few awards at our monthly meeting.

The first two awards I titled Gem Awards.

You are a Gem for your team work and attitude!

You are a Gem for your attendance and punctuality!

The Gem awards were beaded lanyards that I made. See original post here with instructions.

The next award was titled the Lemonade Award.

Thanks for always turning Lemons into Lemonade!

These awards could be given at any job or even to a good friend that always seems to turn your Lemon of a day into Lemonade when they are around. Make sure you tell those around you that you appreciate them often!

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