Saturday, August 11, 2012

Lego Party with New Read and Build Legos

For those of you that have been around for a while, I have mentioned before that I belong to a site called I have the ability to apply for different parties, and when I am lucky, I get selected. Membership is 100% free. I was especially excited last month, when I was picked to host a Lego Read and Build Party.

The best part...House Party sends me supplies to have a party (poster, plates, napkins). They also sent me four BRAND NEW LEGO READ AND BUILD FARM SETS.

These new sets were designed to encourage the elements of reading and playing at the same time.

Just for the record, they did not ask me to write this post. I was just very impressed with Lego's new Read and Build sets. They are so fun! But...I will get to that later. Of course, I like any excuse to have a party so I went all out. My oldest son and I made games, snacks, and a Lego pinata.

This game is a variation on hot potato. We called it "Hot Duplo Lego" We turned the music on and tossed the "hot Lego" around. Our kids were little, so we did not have them get out of the circle when they ended up with the Lego (when the music turned off). We just said..."Oh you had it! Let's start the music again." This helped prevent any hurt feelings in this group of 2-6 year olds.

We just covered a check box with contact paper for our Lego for "Hot Duplo Lego."

I ended up reading one of the books to all the kids at the same time, and they each picked different pieces of the legos out of the kit to build the different farm animals. It was neat to read the book and build the animal to match the story. I thought of this initially as an individual activity, but the kids enjoyed doing it as a group. One of the parents even mentioned she could imagine her older son, reading to her younger child, for the little girl to build along.

For our next game, I wrapped "lego" boxes starting at small, and graduating to large. See the red one first. Then it was wrapped into a green lego and so on so forth. In each box I also put a little candy treat.

How to play the lego box game:
The kids sat in a circle and the first player rolled a color dice. If they roll the color of the box, they get to put on the special "lego gloves" (any gloves you have) and start trying to unwrap the package. The dice continues to be passed around. When a child rolls the color of the package that is being unwrapped, they get to steal the package, put on the "special lego gloves" and continue to unwrap the boxes. The last box can always have an extra special lego suprise in it. I didn't want to upset any of the little kids, so they just won a box of nerds candy at each level. At the end of the game, all the kids that didn't already get a package of nerds were handed one.

I covered boxes of Nerds in paper and then used a pencil eraser to stamp the circles on top.

After a few organized games and activities it was time for some free play. I had Legos everywhere. It was like a mini version of Lego land. The kids built all kinds of creative buildings, cars, and more.

This was our Lego Bean Bag Toss. My son and I took shoe box lids and filled them with colored paper and circles to make them appear like Lego's. (It is kind of hard to see the circles in the pictures, but they truly looked like Lego's)

The best part about the Lego bean bag toss was it took less then ten minutes to assemble the whole thing! My kind of game!

We could not have a party without some drinks and snacks. I know you have all seen cute Lego drink boxes before, but we had to make some. We just covered some mini boxes in colored paper and used colored stickers on top.

The kids all got a kick out of our Lego man fruit kabobs. I printed some Lego heads on card stock and taped them on top of some skewers.

And then for the cupcake stand....a few boxes wrapped in colored paper.

Our Lego cupcakes were topped with skittles. Yum!

Our next creation was our Lego pinata. The Lego Pinata cost us $2 to make!! I love a bargain.
Supplies: A box, 1 1/2 rolls streamers, glue, curly ribbon and four matching jar lids.

We covered a box in red streamers and cut each streamer to fray it. We cut a little trap door in the bottom to stuff our candy and prizes in.

My son loved filling up the treats before the kids arrived.

We elected for the pull string version of a pinata. It was my first try making one of these and it was a breeze. I taped the string to open the lid with some heavy duty packing tape. The rest of the strands were attached with scotch tape so they would pull off the bottom of the box easily.

The kids began pulling the strings. (The string to open the hatch, was shorter then the rest, so it was less likely to be pulled)

They kept pulling luck yet.

Open the hatch...
We had a fabulous party and the boys are still talking about it this afternoon!! I felt like it was a birthday party...without all the gifts.

P.S. You can check out over 200 fun pins I selected when I was working on my inspiration for this party. They are tons of wonderful lego party ideas there.

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