Sunday, November 11, 2012

Embroidery Hoop Wall Decor Tutorial

As you all know, I have two little boys, so it is a rare treat for me to work on girlie projects. I was asked to help with some embroidery hoop wall decor a few months ago for a little girl's room and I was so excited. I even learned a fun new chain stitch in the process. This is a darling little girl named Kennedy's room. Her favorite word happens to be TWIRL. I love this inexpensive way to add art to a little girl's room.

Embroidery hoops of different sizes
White paint
Fabric and/or felt
Embroidery thread
1. Begin by spray painting your embroidery hoops white (or color of your choice)
2. I worked on the chain stitch hoop first. Place your fabric in the embroidery hoop and ensure the fabric is taut. I drew on the black fabric with a pencil to outline my design. (They do make special fabric pens for this purpose if you have one)
3. Now for the chain stitch...
Working the Chain Stitch
Picture from Cheryl C. Fall from
The chain stitch is simple, but it still took me quite a bit of time to complete this part of the project.
4. Trim the excess fabric from your embroidery hoop.

5. Each of the other three decorative embroidery hoops had unique fabrics. One was white lace, another was a pink print, and the last one was grey felt with three felt hearts stitched on top.
It was quite a simple way to glam up a little girls room with some very inexpensive art!

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