Sunday, November 18, 2012

Simple Bedside Table Book Decor

I have been helping my friend Emma decorate her new house. She was having a house warming party, and I went over to help all her pictures and decor around her home. I quickly realized we needed some small accents for her tables and dressers. The next day, I went on a garage sale treasure hunt. Her room has an orange and turquoise comforter and accents, so when I found these two old hard back books, I knew they would match perfectly. Did I mention this project cost me 70 cents total?

I paid 10 cents a book and I bought a jeweled lace head band for 50 cents. When I got home I cut a piece of burlap 4" wide. I cut off the rubber band portion of the head band, and wrapped it around the burlap. With a simple tie and a few spots of hot glue, my project was done in less then 5 minutes! It looked amazing on my friend's bedside table and matched perfectly!!

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