Thursday, March 28, 2013

Puzzle Easter Egg Hunt

Our house is buzzing with the excitement of Easter. We have been hiding eggs around the house, outside, and anywhere we can just for the joy of the hunt. My boys will be seasoned veterans by the time Easter arrives. Those plastic eggs are worth every penny. In an effort to change things up, I filled eggs with the pieces to one of our puzzles while my boys were napping.

I left the empty puzzle box in the Easter basket. When they woke up, they immediately began scouring the house for plastic Easter eggs. They were just excited the eggs were actually filled this time. We knew immediately when we were missing an egg, because we didn't have all 24 puzzle pieces.
This would also be fun on Easter Day. Candy is great, but sometimes a little variety is nice too. Do you have any fun egg hunting traditions at your home we can borrow??

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