Thursday, May 16, 2013

Baseball Team Favor Sacks for Game & Party Time

My son started t-ball for the first time now that he is 5. We had to sign up to bring snacks for the team twice during our short season. I can't miss an opportunity to make something a little creative to pass out the baseball favors or snacks. I know I have mentioned how to print on brown paper sacks before. The hardest part, is just figuring out how to load them in your printer properly, so that they print facing the right direction. I also tape the back flap and seal the top with a small piece of tape so they don't get stuck in my printer.
Brown paper sacks
Ribbon (or tie)
If you want a good tutorial for printing sacks check out Cottage Hills blog post here.

Here is my little Red Sox. I think he enjoys dressing up in his uniform more then he does going to play the game. Maybe the love of the game...will come with time.
I barely lasted through the game to hand out sacks at the end. My three year old was not feeling well, and he threw up all over me and himself with ten minutes of the game left. There is never a dull moment. Lol! We washed up quickly and made it back in time to hand out treat bags. 
The baseball team favor bags were a homerun! I will definitely do these again next year. I filled them with red candied popcorn and some other treats.

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  1. Yes never a dull moment here either! LOL I bet they loved the bags! How fun! I am visiting from Wow Me Wednesday!



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