Friday, May 31, 2013

DIY Wooden Child Picnic Table Instructions

My husband made this adorable child size picnic table last summer for our boys...and as usual...I never got around to posting it in the right season. With Summer here, we are enjoying quite a few picnics outside again. I truly think my boys eat better when we are outside. There is just no fuss about sitting down for lunch in the backyard.
We are still packing like crazy around our house so I am exhausted. My crafting skills have been confined to making cardboard boxes lately!

The only major problem with posting a project like this a year that I didn't write down all the directions. Hopefully, I took enough pictures that the explanation will be somewhat self explanatory.

I am thinking we started with eight 2x4's.

We started by cutting:
*Five 42" 2"x4" for picnic table top
*Two 16" pieces of 2"x4" to mount under picnic table top
*Four 42" 2"x4" with angled edges for picnic table seats
* Four 26" 2"x4" for picnic table legs
* Two 42" boards to support seats

The supports for the picnic table top were placed 5 1/2" from the ends of the table.

This is how my husband assembled it pictured above. Their might be an easier way...but we are by no means carpenters! We did pull out the level though.

We loved ours so much that we ended up making some more child size picnic tables as presents. Depending on the price of wood in your area, this project should cost you $25-$35.

Last...but not least...we stained the table. This project only took a few hours to make, and it was well worth the effort. The boys love it and it is the perfect size!


  1. Thank you so much for this detailed explanation! We were trying to find something for our kids and you just saved us money! Very thoughful to share it!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm relieved to know the instructions worked! Enjoy!


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