Monday, May 12, 2014

Unique Teacher Appreciation Lunch

My son has the best kindergarten teacher I could have ever asked for. Last week for teacher appreciation week, the school had a really fun theme of "Super Hero" teachers. They used the word Super, and challenged the students to bring an item any day they wanted that fit the theme.

S=supplies for school
U=unique gift
P="pretty" smells (flowers, lotion, etc)
E=something to eat
R=something to read
We participated in several days and we had a lot of fun coming up with creative ideas. For our teacher appreciation unique lunch idea, we sent a salad in a large mason jar. I wrapped a small piece of burlap around the jar and I hot glued it in place. Next, I created a tag with the theme of Peter Rabbit and called it a "Veggie garden" We sent a side of salad dressing and my son headed off to school with a fun salad for teacher appreciation week.

FYI: For the order of the layers...tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, cheese and lettuce
We kept it simple but you could easily add green and red peppers as well.

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