Sunday, October 16, 2011

Trick-or-Treater Witch Yard Art

Unfortunately, I have not done many crafts since we arrived back from our vacation to Mexico last week. We were welecomed home with the stench of skunk in our home. No, the skunk was not actually in our home...but it smelled like it. The generous skunk evidently sprayed right underneath our home near the kitchen. Oh yes. It was horrible!! Even scentsy products had nothing on the terrible smell in our home. It is finally going away. I finally had the motivation this weekend to finish some crafts I was working on before I left for Mexico.

Do any of you subscribe to BHG 100 days of holidays? I think it is so fabulous. They send you great crafts, projects, food and decoration ideas for the holidays. I saw a precious idea for a witch trick-or-treater silhouette. I gave it a try and made this little witch.

I started by attempting to draw a similar witch as BHG with pencil. (They have a template you can print but I would never have gotten it to the right size) Once I was satisfied, I traced the outline with a sharpie marker and began cutting with my jigsaw.

I took the picture before I created her feet...I promise she has feet! After I cut out the witch, I spray painted her black. Then my husband helped me attach a T post to the back of her.

I altered my design a bit, and cut out a little slit under her hand so the plastic pumpkin would hang securely.

My son thinks she is great, and that we should actually put candy in her bucket. I am sure the minute her bucket had any real candy, he would quickly sneak back and eat the contents. It would be a fun surprise to fill her bucket for Halloween. Happy haunting little witch!


  1. I think your witch is just darling, in fact I showed it off today on my blog!



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