Sunday, February 12, 2012

Our Valentine Additions!

We stepped ouside in the cold this morning to find a precious gift that had just been born. Our goat Cookie had her first baby. We thought she was only pregnant with one until...a second pygmy goat emerged. We named the precious babies Valentine and Sugar. These two girls are so adorable, cuddly, and precious!

This is Valentine. She is the bigger of the two and probably weighs around 5 lbs.

Valentine on the left and Sugar on the right...and yes they are in our bathroom!

Go figure it has been warm all winter here in Texas and then it snowed tonight! My boys thought it was the best day ever. With the weather being so cold, we had to bring them all inside, so the babies would not freeze to death. They are not as messy as I thought. I guess it could always be worse. We had to help them nurse the first time, and I hope they pick it up quickly. Momma Cookie is doing a great job taking care of her girls and we are so excited to have them. My boots got a little dirty in the delivery outside today and my husband said I was officially a farm girl now!

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