Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Heart Wreath

I passed an adorable Valentine wreath a few weeks ago on Pinterest and then couldn't find it again. That is what I get for delayed pinning. I am pretty sure that is the whole point of the site too! I remembered enough, to make a similar one of my own, before I finally found the inspiration wreath at Remodelaholic. Obviously, mine looks a little different, because I was only born with a partially photographic memory.


Foam wreath
Grey yarn
Pink and Red felt
Name Initial (If desired)


1. I started by wrapping my green foam wreath with the yarn. I tied off the first loop of yarn to hold it in place. A little glue would have worked too.

2. Find a good movie or tv show and start wrapping....and wrapping...and wrapping.

3. Cut out your hearts from red and pink felt. Once your wreath is completely wrapped, lay the hearts in place on top. (Don't cut the yarn yet!)

4. Start wrapping over the hearts carefully, keeping in mind, that at then end you want it took look like an X over each heart.

5. Wrap a second time around the wreath until you have the X pattern on each heart.

6. Tie off your yarn at the end and tuck it in on the back side of the wreath. I painted my G red and hung it down in the middle of the wreath.

What fun last minute Valentine projects are you up to?

We are not so patiently waiting at our house for a new addition. No, I am not pregnant...but our pygmy goat is. See our fun story of Cookie (the goat) here. We are still new to farm life, but I am pretty sure she is due any day.


  1. I am in LOVE with this wreath! I love the argyle look, and I am very impressed with your photographic memory :) Great job!!

  2. That is so precious! One day I will plan far enough in advance to do more holiday crafts. I always end up forgetting until the last minute and pushing it to next year. The whole pregnancy brain deal didn't end with childbirth for this momma.


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