Monday, April 2, 2012

Guess Me Printable Easter Game

Easter is sneaking around the corner. We started the Easter fun tonight and hid eggs in the backyard. My boys don't seem to tire of the hunt. Who says Easter only lasts one day? It normally provides weeks of fun at our house, but the early April Easter date is throwing us off. I have several projects yet to do. We made this silly little game a few weeks ago and we often play it at the dinner table. I call it Guess Me? The boys love it!

The best part of this game is the supplies are inexpensive and relatively easy to come by, and it can be used for children of all ages. I started by gathering Easter clip art and compiling it together. I wanted easy to guess pictures that could be quickly deciphered from clues. I started with Easter eggs, baskets, candy, a cross and more.
Please feel free to access the free printable here.

I cut out the Easter clip art and folded each picture up and placed it in in a plastic egg. The first player starts by selecting an egg from the bowl. Another player, helps open the egg and remove the Easter graphic without the first player viewing the picture. The first player holds it on their forehead as seen below. Then, other players give clues until the player guesses who they are.

Here is my son checking out his guess...and giggling of course.

We even had Dad playing, but as you can tell, he is not a big fan of my obsessive photo taking

Even, my 2 year old wants to get in on the action. We just keep two containers of clue filled eggs on the table for our Guess Who Game. Eggs that have already been solved,are transferred from the first container to the second.

On a funny note...

I was completely amused today when our baby goat Valentine, jumped in the nesting box to rest. Her neighbor, Gertrude the chicken, was not sure what to think!


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