Friday, September 28, 2012

Bulbs. Dig, Drop, Done

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I don't know how many of you have experimented with planting bulbs before, but it brings back very fond memories for me. Bulbs can be used inside or outside to give a splash of color to an ordinary day. When I was a child, my grandfather would send me an amaryllis bulb every year before Christmas. He lived in Florida and I lived in Texas. We would plant them at the same time in a pot indoors, and then measure them once a week to see whose was growing the fastest. It was a fun contest and it was a clever way to keep in touch.

Bulbs are not just for garden gurus. If I could grow them as a child, you can grow them too. Bulbs are extremely simple plants that require low maintenance. Last November I was cruising through Tractor Supply and noticed all of their bulbs were reduced. It was late in the season, but I picked up a bag anyways. I planted them out front in about 15 minutes thinking they would probably not make it this year. With the minimal rain we received in November, they shot up their beautiful green blades from the dirt and blossomed into gorgeous flowers. This year I am planning to plant some more earlier to landscape my yard.

I would love to landscape my whole yard in fact. Have you heard of Curbside Chaos. They gave away a $5000 yard makeover. I would be in heaven. I went to their online tool at In the bottom left hand corner of the screen you can select your zone and see which bulbs are best for your region. One of my favorites came up...daffodils.



You can also watch the video where Taniya Nayak works with the winner of the makeover Ruth. Her backyard is beautifully transformed. Help support community efforts by putting the hashtag #Curbside Chaos. Bulbs, Dig, Drop, Done will donate $1 for every share.


You may also visit to learn more. Check out my favorite, Marcy the Super Mom, who shares her ideas for easy bulb planting. She looks like she just walked off the movie set of Desperate Housewives in her cute attire and immaculate yard. If only...

Meet Marcy the Empty Nester

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