Friday, September 7, 2012

Personalized Fabric Clock

Have you ever found the perfect theme for a room, and then realized you have nothing to match it? My cousin picked out the cutest camouflage print bedding for her little boy, and then had trouble matching it with any other camo design to fit the room. However, she had an extra curtain left over, and that was all I needed to make this clock to match! You can personalize any themed clock this way.
I started with a see through clock. I picked it up for $5 at the store. I see similar clocks at Walmart and Target on a regular basis.

Next, I cut out her cute camo fabric to fit on the back. I had to leave a hole in the middle to accommodate the battery pack on the back. I painted a very thick layer of modge podge on the back of the glass and carefully laid the camo fabric down. I pushed from the center of the clock out to smooth the fabric out as much as possible. I then applied a thick layer of modge podge on the back and smoothed it out some more with my fingers.

I set it off to dry and it looked like this when it was done...
It was a quick and easy gift to make. The whole project took me about 20 minutes. Just imagine the possibilities of what some cute fabric can do to spice up your room!
How is school going for your kids? My oldest son started Pre-K at his childcare facility this week. I was suprised at how worried he was to have new teachers and kids in his class. The first day he came home and told me how awful it was. With some further questioning, I found out he did all kinds of fun activities. They painted, played outside, sang songs, played with cars and trucks, etc. The next morning when he was headed off to school I asked if I could come with him. He started giggling. I explained to him that school sounded like much more fun then my work, and that I wanted to see the transportation cabinet that hid all the trucks and cars. He was so busy convincing me I was not allowed to go because I was not 4, that he ran right into school. Once in a while, a little "jealousy" goes a long way. When he arrived home that night, he bragged about all the fun things he was able to do at Pre-K that day. It is funny how a change of perspective can go a looong way!! Thank goodness!

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